1. The competition is open to elementary and secondary level.
  2. Each group must be composed of 30 to 40 members and must be bonafide students of the school they represent.
  3. Strictly, pyramid and lifting are not allowed only ground executions are required.
  4. Time allotment for the presentation should be within 6 to 8 minutes. Time starts upon the start of the execution of any cheerdancer or the instigation of music or instrument. Music/instruments are the entry’s preference.
  5. Tabulation of results should be based on rank that shall bear judges’ signature.
  6. In case of a tie, judges should break the tie through casting of votes. The decision of the judges are final and executory.
  7. Violation on the time allotment means automatic deduction of five (5) points from the percentage results of every judge and violation in the number of participants also means automatic deduction.
  8. The criteria for judging are as follows:
    • (40%) CHOREOGRAPHY and CREATIVITY: Artistry, which includes finesse of execution, steps, movement, facial expression, and harmony of formation.
    • (10%) YELLS and CHEERS
    • (40%) MASTERY: Coordination and unity of movements that includes continuity, mobility and sustainability of performances as well as timing to the music or instruments.
    • (10%) COSTUME and PROPS: Costumes and props attractiveness and design that would add appeal to the team’s performance.
  9. Prizes:
    • First Prize -> Cash + Thropy + Certificate
    • Second Prize -> Cash + Thropy + Certificate
    • Third Prize -> Cash + Thropy + Certificate
    • Consolation Prize -> Certificates
  10. It shall be the responsibility of each delegation head to oversee the safety of all cheerdancers during the competition. however, the organizer/committee in case of accident provides the first aide team.
  11. Winners will be announced immediately after the competition and the prizes will be awarded at the same time.
  12. All competing teams will converge immediately after the competition to lead a free for all cheerdancers showdown prior to the announcement of the winners.
  13. For information.

[Division of Davao Oriental]


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