Mati, Davao Oriental

MATI, the seat of the Province of Davao Oriental, is located on the easterncoast of Mindanao. It is bounded on the east by the Pacific Ocean, on the northeast by the Municipality of Tarragona traversed by the great Mayo River; on the northwest Lupon and San Isidro, Bato-bato; and on the south by the scenic Pujada Bay linking Sigaboy, Governor Generoso.

Throughout the entire archipelago, little is known to Mati. but who is to blame? It’s geographical location hinders anyone who would like to discover the many treasures that abound the place. A town full of promise and abundance, given the proper credit and acknowlegdement, who wouldn’t be lured to come and visit such breath-taking place?

MATI, as we know today, have gone a long way since the many trying times it went through in the past. The town has finally come to terms with the things that would help its improvement and development. The townspeople are committed and united in building a community that is economically stable and politically mature. All together the people of Mati work hand in hand in the development of its natural resources and livelihood. The town is growing and thriving as the nonstop building of infrastructures and establishment, the coming of investors necessary in its growth and progress. The town is full of wonders. Its white sand beaches, green mountain ridges, captivating islands and hot springs embody just that. those who have gone to Mati and have uncovered its hidden treasures would want to go back and once again experience and capture emotions evoked by the town’s splendid beauties.


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