DepED Human Resource Information System (HRIS)



A few months from now, the long queues of complaining teachers who cannot find their records will be history. No more going to and from the different offices in search of those elusive documents. All information will be readily available through a fully-automated Human Resource Information System (HRIS) , a brainchild of the BEAM Project and DepEd.

“This HRIS system is the answer to DepEd’s pressing problems. It will make information readily available to the decision makers in our department.” These were the words of DepEd Undersecretary for Budget and Finance Hon. Teodosio Sangil, Jr. during the roundtable discussion and consultation on the HRIS model of DepEd Region XI.

The Human Resource Information System (HRIS) was initiated and supported by the Basic Education Assistance for Mindanao (BEAM) Project in its bid to improve the quality of and access to basic education in Regions XI, XII and ARMM. The system was designed to improve the efficiency of DepEd personnel and finance departments in generating and transmitting teacher information such as salaries, leave credits, employment status, increments and papers need for loan applications to other organizational units.

The system was piloted in Digos City Division and is now fully-operational in DepEd Region XI and parts of Region XII and ARMM. It was a product of a series of consultations with DepEd officials and staff and a Training and Development Needs Analysis (TDNA) that recognized a need for computerized records.

“Our records are now updated; processing time for transactions was significantly reduced. We were also able to cut-down costs and slowly, problems and issues are addressed. Payroll will now be prepared using the most up-to-date information. We are very grateful to BEAM for this,” said Virginia Alconcel, the chief of the Budget and Finance Division of DepEd XI.

Due to the success of the HRIS system, DepEd Central Office officers and staff, headed by Usec. Sangil, visited DepEd XI for a discussion and consultation with BEAM and DepEd XI officials on adopting the HRIS system nationwide. During the meeting, DepEd XI Assistant Regional Director Susana Teresa Estigoy said, “We are pleased that the department has seen the good things that are happening in Region XI that are beneficial to the entire DepEd. This is a small step for DepEd XI, but a giant leap for the whole organization.

“I will definitely support this system, not only for Regions XI, XII and ARMM, but all regions in the country as well. BEAM has shown the way for us,” expressed Usec. Sangil.

According to Leonila Joson, Personnel Division OIC of DepEd Central Office, “We recognize this HR/Payroll system is the best answer to the challenge posed to us to establish an updated and unified database for our teachers after a series of recent workshops across the country. It has long been our dream to automate our database. Now, it is turning into a reality.”

The HRIS system will be fully-implemented in Regions XII and ARMM in Mindanao and proposed to be trialed in National Capital Region (NCR) and Regions IV-A and B. A technical working group will be established by the department with DepEd XI and BEAM officials providing support in its implementation.

“We are pleased to make a contribution to a significant area of the Basic Education Sector Reform Agenda (BESRA).Teachers will now feel happier and committed that will result to a change in classroom interaction and improve the quality of learning. BEAM has been a catalyst for this change” explains Dr. Ian D’Arcy Walsh, BEAM Australian Project Director.

The Project will provide additional assistance to DepEd for additional functionality support of the HRIS system. BEAM is a Philippine Department of Education (DepEd) project aiming to improve the quality of and access to basic education in Southern and Central Mindanao. It is funded by the Government of Philippines (GoP) and the Government of Australia through a AUD36 million grant from the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID).



35 responses to “DepED Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

  1. give me favor…….im alfred from sarangani Division City—i ask madam why it no server was found when i log-in into the website of HRIS.DEPEDONLINE.NET….WHAT HAPPEN WITH THE WEBSITE…..PLS. DO TXT ME AND EMAIL TO ME….WHAT WOULD HAPPEN THE WEBSITE SO THAT WE ALL KNOW THE TROUBLE….TANX….IT TAKES 1 WEEK NA po/.

  2. maybe the hris server is under maintainance ryt now. please try to access it anytym. maybe they’re fixing some bugs on the server.

    sir, sino po ang MIS or HRIS incharge in your division ?

    • sir, am still contacting the central ict unit of deped regarding the hris problem. i still waiting for their reply. i am an encoder to in our division and i do not have the access to our HRIS main server. i’ll keep you posted as soon as they will reply to my queries. thanks.


      Hello Sir,

      Temporarily down pa ang HRIS server due to the on-going databases migration for Deped RO XI division offices from the old version into the new HRIS version. It will be back as soon as all the databases migration are done. Pls do check the online HRIS site from time to time.



      Good Afternoon Sir,

      Thank you for your comment regarding the HRIS.

      We are currently under maintenance please visit us regularly and watch out for new updates. We are migrating some data.

      ICT Unit, Technical Service
      Department of Education
      Tel. No. (02) 636-4878
      Fax No. (02) 633-7264

      • Good Morning Sir,

        Sir Im asking if u have already used the HRIS Website throughout your division because its very slow the HRIS SERVER.

        Thanks Sir…..

  3. hello Sir.

    so far, the Service Record and personal data sheet printing facilities are the only functional in our HRIS. we are now releasing Service records printed from HRIS.
    yes you are right, the accessing the system is always slow. i dont know what wrong on the their system.

    sir did you experience also errors in the HRIS ? is your division using it alreaDY ?

  4. Hi sir,

    yes we encounter errors in the HRIS WEBSITE its very slow accessing the system. But we used it throughout our division…sir i asked what would be the importance of using HRIS?

  5. SIR,

    Gud morning sir… bakit di ako makapasok sa HRIS WEBSITE?….TANX SIR….Anong Nangyari sa website sir?…tanx…..

    • hello sir. sino po ba ang nag introduce ng HRIS jan sa Division ninyo? sa ngayon sir ang gamit ng aming HRIS ay ang SERVICE RECORDS ng teachers. dito na kami naglalabas ng service records pra merong isang format lng at tama talaga ang mga data na na encode. nagamit din ang PDS pra dun sa mga gusto mag update ng personal data sheets.
      happy new year !

  6. Hi, why do deped loves spreadsheets? Schools in our division were compelled to submit HRIS in excel format. Can DepEd just make schools post the data on the web instead of doing it on excel file? Does IT team at DepEd understand what is the difference between a database and a spreadsheet. Just my two cents.

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